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About Me That's what the little girl version of me used to call them. Then one day a rock became a mineral...a mineral became a gemstone...and a gemstone became a connection to things I knew I always understood but for some reason couldn't always voice.
Then the connection vibrated even louder into shiny bright objects (my pet name for the jewelry I handcraft ;)...and here I am today some thirteen years later creating magic in a a business I simply adore and YES, I still to some degree consider the beautiful pieces I proudly handcraft at their core "rocks". But even more importantly through my connection with them I have been afforded a gorgeous opportunity. My days are filled with shiny bright objects, imagination and beauty...for that I will be forever grateful. 
These days I get the added bonus of designing from my studio in beautiful Manitou Springs, Colorado at the base of gorgeous Pikes Peak.



If you ever need to reach me you can shoot me a quick email or visit me on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.